Scarlett Johansson Reveals Why Teenage Her Wouldn’t Have Dated Colin Jost

Scarlett Johansson Says 'No Way' She Would Have Dated Colin Jost in High  School

During her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Scarlett Johansson made it clear that she would not have been interested in dating Colin Jost during their high school years. When the topic of Jost’s high school style came up, Johansson and Barrymore had a laugh about Jost’s throwback photo with a mushroom cut. Johansson joked about his haircut and questioned who decided it was a stylish thing.

Scarlett Johansson says there's 'no way' she would have dated husband Colin  Jost as a teenager in high school based on his hilarious yearbook pH๏τo

During an interview, Scarlett Johansson was asked if she would have liked her husband, Colin Jost, in high school. She responded with a quick “no,” stating that she couldn’t get past his haircut, which resembled the same one her brothers had. Johansson even wondered who decided that the style was trendy. However, in a sweet snap from December 2019, Johansson called Jost the “love of my life” during her SNL monologue, causing Drew Barrymore to swoon over the way Jost looks at his wife. Johansson also praised Jost, calling him “sweet” and saying that feeling seen by another person is essential. She joked earlier this month that Jost’s use of eye cream is the reason he looks good on SNL. Jost even tested some of Johansson’s skincare line, but not all the products worked for him; at one point, he panicked when he tried a self-warming face mask. The couple got engaged in 2019 and married in 2020, and they now have a son named Cosmo and Johansson’s daughter, Rose Dorothy.

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